Critical Illness

Critical illness protection pays out if you suffer a critical illness like a heart attack and most cancers.

There are many different policies available with different providers having different illnesses that they do and don’t cover.

A personal, face-to-face meeting with Mark is the best way to find the right cover for you.



• As with life cover, critical illness cover can be set up on a decreasing term basis, to protect a repayment mortgage or a level term basis, to protect an interest-only mortgage or for family protection.
• Even though it can be linked to a mortgage it doesn’t HAVE to be used to pay mortgage payments. It can be used to pay for care or recuperation costs, for example, as long as you meet the criteria of the lender.

Mark says:Critical illness protection is very complex and there are many, many different policies with differing definitions of critical illness and different illnesses covered. This is an example where a conversation with someone who knows the market in depth really pays off for the customer.