General Insurance

General Insurance covers home and contents insurance and accident, sickness and redundancy cover.

Home and Contents Insurance is there to provide you with peace of mind that your home will be fully covered if you suffer losses from a fire, theft or burglary. There are many add-ons you can have with this type of policy such as accidental damage and personal possession cover. Using the services of an experienced professional on a face-to-face basis rather than going online to the numerous comparison sites can make sure that you have the exact cover you need and not the cover they want you to have.



Mark says: “It is very important to have the correct cover in place. If you have to make a claim and it transpires that you have only 50% of the amount of cover you should have then you will only get a payout of 50% of your actual cover. This is information you only get from having a face-to-face meeting with an experienced professional rather than surfing the comparison sites and basing your decision on price rather than the correct cover.”

Accident, sickness and redundancy cover – similar to income protection it is designed to protect your income in the event of you being unable to work through accident or sickness.

Whilst income protection can have a term until retirement, an accident, sickness and redundancy policy has a term of up to 24 months and is generally set up to protect your monthly mortgage payments and associated products. Again there are numerous providers out there and using Mark’s experience and expertise will enable you to get the correct cover you require.

Mark says: “As with all financial decisions sitting down with the customer is paramount to find out their exact needs and requirements and therefore to recommend the correct products for their individual needs. For example, this product can be set up alongside an income protection to keep costs down but to give the customer the best possible cover.”