Time to start saving some money

Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a great festive break.

So, 2021 begins and we hope for better things eventually – once this new lockdown is over, that is.

Lockdown might give some people a little bit of time on their hands, so what better way to spend it than trying to save a bit of money?

After Christmas, which of us couldn’t do with trimming costs a little?

And I’m here to help…

The best way to save money is by cutting those bills that come in every month or every year, so look at things like your utilities – gas and electric – and make sure they are on the lowest deals you can get.

Then dig out your insurance documents and see when your policies are up for annual renewal. Insurance cover and your personal needs are changing all the time so its worth a check to make sure you are still getting the best deal. I can help you to work through your insurance cover to ensure you are still on the right policy.

Many people forget about their mortgage (I don’t know how when it is probably the biggest monthly bill that they have to pay!). It is worth looking. You might have already come to the end of a fixed-rate deal or be about to do so in the coming weeks. If so, it is worth us having a conversation to see if there is a good mortgage deal out there that will save you some cash.

Despite the lockdown, I am still working with clients to help them with their mortgage and insurance needs.

Due to the current restrictions over coronavirus, I’m not doing face to face discussions, but I am happy to do free, no-obligation consultations over the phone on 07767 692 653 at a time to suit you.

Or, if you prefer, you can contact me by email at mgrayshan@googlemail.com and I will help you with any mortgage or insurance issues. And don’t forget, there are no charges for my services.

For more details on the services I offer please visit www.markgrayshan.co.uk

In the meantime, stay safe.

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